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Free to Be Dog: Separation Anxiety Training for Dogs and Their Guardians Everywhere

Looking For Separation Anxiety Solutions?

Is the stress of your dog's separation anxiety wearing you thin? Do you dread leaving your home, worried about the havoc your anxious pup might wreak in your absence, or if they’ll hurt themselves while you’re gone? You're not alone, and there's a path out of this emotional maze for both you and your dog.

Our Separation Anxiety program is designed to address the root emotional causes of your dog's anxiety. We'll work to ease your dog into feeling safe and comfortable when alone. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards freedom and peace of mind for both you and your dog.

How Do I Know If My Dog Has Separation Anxiety?

Signs of separation anxiety can vary in intensity from one dog to another but may include:

Excessive Barking or Howling

Barking and/or howling that begins shortly after you leave and continues for an extended period.

Destructive Behavior

Damaging furniture, doors, or other items in an attempt to escape or alleviate their stress.

Pacing or Restlessness

Walking along a set path or circuit repeatedly when you're not home.

Urination or Defecation

Inappropriately eliminating even when they're house-trained.

Salivation or Drooling

Excessive salivating when they sense you're about to leave.

Attempts to Escape

Scratching at doors or windows, or trying to dig their way out, often to the point of harming themselves.

If your dog is exhibiting any of these behaviors, they may be suffering from separation anxiety.

Our Training Packages

Taking the first step to address your dog's separation anxiety is a monumental decision, and we're here to support you through every phase of this journey. All of our Separation Anxiety Training programs begin with a required initial assessment, which is crucial for assessing your dog's specific needs and emotional triggers.

Initial Consultation

• 1 x 60 Minute Zoom Call

Investment: $180

Starter Package

• 30 day Intensive Package

• Daily Training Exercises

• Unlimited Video Review

• 2 x 30 Minute Weekly Check-ins

Investment: $990

Maintenance Package

*Prerequisite: Starter Package

• 30 Day Maintenance Package

• Daily Training Exercises

• Unlimited Video Review

• 1 x 30 Minute Weekly Check-ins

Investment: $632

Self Train Package

*Prerequisite: Starter Package and Maintenance Package

• 30 Day Limited Support Package

• Daily Training Exercises

• Unlimited Video Review

Investment: $286

How Does Separation Anxiety Training Work?

1. Contact Us

...or book your virtual Initial Assessment. We’ll answer your questions and get you started on your training journey

2. Train

We’ll provide you with daily training exercises to accomplish with your dog, as well as weekly virtual assessments to adjust your training plan.

3. Enjoy

...your time with and without your happier, more contented dog!

Why is Separation Anxiety Training Virtual?

We take a pragmatic and effective approach to separation anxiety training—one that centers around virtual sessions. Here's why this method is the most beneficial for you and your dog:

Authentic Alone Time

Let's face it—how can we train your dog to be comfortable alone if someone is physically in the house? Virtual training allows us to observe and assess your dog's behavior when they are actually alone, offering a genuine context to address the issue at its root.

Real-Life Context

Training in the very environment where the anxiety occurs—your home—ensures that the solutions we provide are directly applicable and highly effective. The real-life context makes the training more meaningful and relevant.

Minimized Disruption

A physical presence of a trainer could alter your dog's behavior and interfere with the training process. Virtual sessions remove this variable, making the assessments and subsequent training strategies more effective.

Flexibility & Accessibility

Whether you have a hectic schedule or are located far from in-person resources, virtual training allows you to access specialized care wherever you are, whenever it's most convenient for you.

Are You Ready for Alone Time to be Easier?


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