Help with Complex Canine Behavior Issues

Free to Be Dog: Behavior Modification Training for Moore County Dog Owners

Is Your Dog's Behavior Making Everyday Life Challenging?

Do you worry about how your dog will react to strangers, dogs or new places? Are they cowering in a closet during storms or fireworks? You're not alone, and more importantly, there's a path forward. Our training program is designed to address the emotional and psychological aspects of your dog's behavior. We work to create a custom training plan aimed at not just managing but transforming your pup’s problematic behaviors and how they feel about their world. Your dog will learn new ways to cope, and you'll gain the tools to support them every step of the way.

What We Can Help Moore County Guardians and Dogs With!

Leash Reactivity

We understand how stressful it can be when your dog lunges, barks, or growls at other dogs or people while on leash. Let's work together to make walks enjoyable again for both you and your fur-buddy.

Fear-Based Reactivity

It's heartbreaking to see your dog live in a constant state of fear, reacting to new or unfamiliar situations with aggression or withdrawal. We're here to help your dog find their inner confidence.

Resource Guarding

Sharing isn't just a human virtue; dogs can learn it too! If your dog becomes reactive around food, toys, or even people, we can guide you through compassionate ways to address this issue.

Human-Directed Reactivity

When a dog reacts aggressively towards humans, it's often a symptom of deeper emotional challenges. We're committed to helping you build a bridge of trust between you and your dog.

Dog-to-Dog Reactivity

Whether it's selective aggression or general reactivity towards other dogs, we can help pave the way for smoother canine interactions.

Noise Reactivity

Thunderstorms and fireworks aren't celebrations for everyone. If loud noises send your dog into a reactive state, we offer compassionate solutions to help them keep their cool.

And So Much More!

Our Training Program

Our Behavior Modification package offers comprehensive, empathetic support every step of the way. After an initial consultation to understand your dog's specific needs, we create a tailor-made training plan that employs positive reinforcement techniques to encourage lasting change. Our package includes one-on-one sessions, progress tracking, and ongoing support to ensure that both you and your furry friend are set up for success.

Initial Consultation

*90 Minute Appointment

Investment: $265

10 Lesson Package

• 1 Initial Consultation

• 9 Training Sessions

Investment: $1,876

6 Lesson Package

• 1 Initial Consultation

• 5 Training Sessions

Investment: $1,160

4 Lesson Package

• 1 Initial Consultation

• Minute Training Sessions

Investment: $802

How Does Behavior Modification Training Work?

1. Contact Us!

Schedule a call and answer your questions before you book your initial consultation and we design your custom training program

2. Train

We’ll come to you and train your dog together as a team, using positive reinforcement methods

3. Enjoy

...your life with your happier, well-trained dog!

Are You Ready For Help With Your Dog’s Complex Behavior Issues?


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