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Free to Be Dog: Private Dog Training for Wake County Dog Owners

Want a Happier, Better-Behaved Dog?

Are you concerned about your dog's emotional well-being as much as your own peace of mind? Wondering how to make training a stress-free experience for both of you? Imagine having access to a training program that prioritizes not just skill-building, but also the emotional health of you and your dog.

Our Private Training sessions offer exactly that—a one-on-one, empathetic approach focused on positive reinforcement. We don't just train; we build trust, enriching the emotional lives of both you and your pet.

What We Can Help Wake County Guardians and Dogs With!

Sits and Stays

Help your dog discover the joys of taking a breather with sit and stay

Come When Called

Never play hide-and-seek involuntarily again

Loose Leash Walking

Say goodbye to tug-of-war and hello to leisurely strolls in the park

Polite Greetings

No more jumping or overzealous hellos

Leave it & Drop it

Help your dog learn the fun in trading up: swap that shoe for a squeaky toy and everybody wins

And So Much More!

Our Training Packages

We believe that no two dogs—or their humans—are the same. That's why our training packages are as unique as your furry friend! Whether you're aiming for better leash manners or a polite greeting for guests, our expert trainers will work closely with you to craft a tailor-made program. We kick things off with an initial consultation to assess your dog's specific needs and quirks. From there, we'll design a training journey that prioritizes both skill-building and emotional well-being. It's not just about teaching new skills; it's about enhancing the quality of life for you and your pup.

10 Lesson Package

• 1 x 90 Minute Initial Consultation

• 9 x 60 Minute Training Sessions

Investment: $1,350

6 Lesson Package

• 1 x 90 Minute Initial Consultation

• 5 x 60 Minute Training Sessions

Investment: $828

4 Lesson Package

• 1 x 90 Minute Initial Consultation

• 3 x 60 Minute Training Sessions

Investment: $560

Not Ready to Commit to a Package?

You can book your initial consultation on its own!

Initial Consultation

• 1 x 90 Minute Initial Consultation

Investment: $165

How Does Private Training Work?

1. Contact Us!

Schedule a call and answer your questions before you book your package

2. Train

We’ll come to you and train your dog together as a team, using positive reinforcement methods

3. Enjoy

...your life with your happier, well-trained dog!

Are You Ready for One-on-One Learning?


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